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For ambitious cyclists who want to go their own way in cycling independently.

Experience the bicycle tour alone, as a couple, with friends or family while enjoying all the comfort and service, the tour operator has in store for you.

You cycle freely and carefree with the organization of the accommodations, the comfortable luggage transfer and the detailed travel documents.

Self-guided tours

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Around Venice, from/to Vicenza

Landscapes, art and cuisine…

This cycle tour leads you through Venetia, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy with history charged cities and a fascinating scenery.

Total length: approx. 270 - 295 bicycle kilometres

Around Venice, from/to Venice mainland

Landscapes, art and cuisine…

This cycle tour leads you through Venetia, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy with history charged cities and a fascinating scenery.

Total length: approx. 270 - 295 bicycle kilometres

Venice - Porec

On the way in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia...

This tour combines 3 countries in 1 spectacular bicycle trip! Long drawn-out coasts with beautiful beaches and romantic Adriatic small towns await you, as are interesting trips into the heartland of the country.

Total length: approx. 315 - 345 bicycle kilometres

Castles of the Loire

Gorgeous palaces, pompous gardens and green vineyards…

The Loire Valley is not only famous for its castles, but also for its romantic riverscapes and the medieval flair of enchanting cities.

Total length: approx. 330 bicycle kilometres

Loire Cycle Path, part 1

From Orléans to Tours…

„La Loire à Vélo“ takes you along the last wild river in Europe. It awaits you real nature hike on the discovery of the extraordinary Loire Valley: historical heritage  with numerous chateaux, wonderful landscapes of different areas, regional gastronomy delights and the possibility of a wine tasting in the numerous wine cellars. Enjoy the french "L-Art de Vivre" along the route.

Total length: approx. 143 - 167 bicycle kilometres

Loire Cycle Path, part 2

From Tours to Angers…

This part of the Loire Valley is the most doted in castle and vineyards. Follow the Loire River which will guide you from historical places to famous cellars for tasting. Enjoy the French “L'Art de Vivre” along the route.

Total length: approx. 143 - 167 bicycle kilometres


From Geneva to Lyon…

World-famous Geneva is the starting point of your tour. The fountain in Lake Geneva salutes you and bids farewell as you leave Switzerland and embark on a cycling tour which could not be more varied. Constantly accompanied by the river Rhône, you either cycle directly along the riverbank or sometimes the route takes you away for a while and leads you through charming villages, sunflower fields and vineyards.

Total length: approx. 265 bicycle kilometres

Vienna - Lake Neusiedl - Bratislava

Danube, wine, wind & water...

The tour leads you to the landscape of the Pannonian lowlands. On half of the way you make a turn and cycle to the “sea of the Viennese” – the lake Neusiedl. According to desire and mood the cycle routes can be planned on your own. Afterwards you go further to Bratislava.

Total length: approx. 214 - 224 bicycle kilometres

Beaches and cities of Holland

Scenic idylls, the sound of waves upon the shore and cultural diversity...

On this cycle tour you discover Holland in all its splendour. Behind the dunes appears a diversified back country with beautiful historic cities, countless listed buildings and interesting museums. Friends of art and culture will definitely get their money’s worth here. Cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag have gained their special place in Dutch national history and each city is demonstrating its own unique charm.

Total length: approx. 245 - 281 bicycle kilometres

Star ride Bruges

Romantic cycling in the "Northern Venice"…

The Northern Ocean and the polder landscape are the best examples to describe the beauty of this area. Bruges is the most beautiful town in Belgium. The historical centre of the town is on the list of the UNESCO-worl cultural heritage and consists of many canals, beautiful chocolate stores, museums and much more.

Total length: approx. 235 bicycle kilometres

The Golden Age

Explore The Hague, Rotterdam and Gouda…

In the 17th century, to the age of the economic and cultural prosperity in the republic of seven united provinces of the Netherlands, to the "golden age", the Netherlands were the model of political and military power and also the richest country of the world by the excellent head for business of the Dutchmen in the world. In this time towns grew up like Leiden, Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam - Cities you should definitely discover by bike!

Total length: approx. 122 bicycle kilometres

Displaying results 34 to 44 out of 46