Austria Radreisen-rental bikes

Austria Radreisen-rental bikes

We are happy to provide you with Austria Radreisen-original tours our well-maintained bikes, which are tailored to the needs of our guests.
We decided for the frame an individually height-adjustable unisex-model with four different frame sizes.  We do of course continue to provide our handle-bar and saddle bags. The modern aluminium frame also makes the bike lighter by a few kilograms. A special highlight is the stepless NuVinci-gear shift. In general stepless means, that the bike has an endless number of gears. Every light movement of the intuitive rotary handle allows you to fine-tune your chosen gear. The entire span can be compared to a bicycle with 21 gears. The almost puncture-proof tires and two brakes perfectly matched aluminium rims make each route easily manageable.

Austria Radreisen-electric bike

We provide our clients with Austria Radreisen-original tours our highly modern unisex-electric bikes with free-wheel from Victoria.
The Bosch Active Line-mid-mounted motor stands out with regards to performance and riding experience and offers sufficient range with an efficient charger. The display for the necessary settings can be operated easily and provides for an optimal level of assistance. A highlight is the stepless Nuvinci-gear shift. By using the intuitive rotary handle one always cycles in the right gear without the interruption of treading on the pedals. The well-cushioned bike allows for comfortable riding, even when the terrain is somewhat bumpy at times.

Please note that we can only provide you the electric bikes for the duration of the bike tour and not for extra nights before or after the tour.

Rental bike-equipment

Our rental and electric bikes are per room automatically equipped with a handlebar bag including replacement hose, repair kit and air pump. The normal rental bikes are also equipped with two luggage bags and the electric bikes with a double-sided luggage bag. Each rental bike also has an odometer and an automatically integrated frame lock.

Whether you want to wear a cycling helmet or not, everyone should decide for themselves. In most areas of our cycling there is no helmet duty. For your own safety, we still recommend wearing a helmet. We have a limited number of helmets, which we can provide you with advance notice and a rental fee of € 15,00 per helmet.

Rental bike-complete cover insurance

All Austria Radreisen-original tours automatically include a complete cover insurance for our rental and electric bikes (excluding equipment such as
luggage and handlebar bags with contents, odometer, electric bike display, ...). In case of damage or theft, there will incur no costs for you. Excluded
from the comprehensive insurance is, of course, negligent resp. wanton action. The bike must be locked and the keys must still be in your possession.
Please note the information in the travel documents.