The new Austria Radreisen-rental bikes

Austria Radreisen-Rental bikes

Decade long experience, technical know-how, an open ear for our guest’s wishes and exact route knowledge on our trips enable us to construct a bicycle, which can be fitted to the exact needs of our guests. We got down to work in 2017 and now the time has come: We are pleased to present our new, improved Austrian cycling trips-bike, which will accompany you from 2018 on your journeys. 

We decided on an agile low-entry for the frame, which distinguishes itself through excellent rigidity value and modern design and the plain matt black colour has become a feast for the eyes. Four different frame sizes enable every guest to find the ideal bicycle. The modern aluminium frame also makes the bicycle several kilograms lighter than that of its predecessor. We do of course continue to provide our handle-bar and saddle bags. 

A special highlight is the stepless NuVinci-Gearshift. In general stepless means, that the bike has an endless number of gears. Every light movement of the intuitive rotary handle allows you to fine-tune your chosen gear. The entire span can be compared to a bicycle with 18 gears. The new bike with the NuVinci-380-Gearshift does of course have the manufacturer’s premium model at its disposal, which distinguishes itself through excellent efficiency. With our new gearshift you will always cycle in the correct gear without the interruption of treading on the pedals. For undisturbed riding enjoyment!

Your riding comfort is important to us: Individual adjustment of height allows you to adapt the bike to your needs. Due to the upright sitting position, you can experience the impressions of the beautiful landscape more intensely. The ergonomic handles allow for relaxed riding. The fail-safe tyres and two brakes perfectly coordinated with the aluminium rims make every route easily manageable. The new Austrian cycling trips-bike is suitable for streets as well as hidden natural field paths. Thus nothing can stand in the way of enjoyable cycling. 

Austria Radreisen-Electric bike

We provide our clients with our highly modern Electric bike (8-speed female bike with free-wheel) from Victoria.

The Bosch Active Line-mid-mounted motor stands out with regards to performance and riding experience and offers sufficient range with an efficient charger. The display for the necessary settings can be operated easily and provides for an optimal level of assistance. A highlight is the stepless Nuvinci-Gearshift. By using the intuitive rotary handle one always cycles in the right gear without the interruption of treading on the pedals. The well-cushioned bike allows for comfortable riding, even when the terrain is somewhat bumpy at times. Experience assisted bicycle riding with an Electric bike on a whole new level!

Our Electric bike is a motor-assisted pedal cycle, which especially makes riding easier in hilly terrain. It is a bicycle in the legal sense despite motor support, so there is no licence- or helmet obligation (we do however by all means urgently recommend on wearing a helmet during all journeys regardless of the type of bicycle). 

We also provide Electric bike of different brands/with different gear types in exceptional cases.