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Cologne - Arnhem, 7-days

Cologne - Arnhem, 7-day-tour

On this bicycle tour, culture and nature mix with the historic stories and the culinary of the towns that you will pass on the tour.

from € 531,--
Münsterland Rally, 8-days

Münsterland Rally, 8-day-tour

Combine the comfort of the 4-star hotel in Gronau-Epe with a beautiful cycling tour in probably one of the most well-known and also...

from € 371,--
Cycling Paradise Münster, 8-days

Cycling Paradise Münster, 8-day-tour

The Münster region not only convinces with idyllic landscapes but also with diverse breathtaking sights.

from € 530,--
Smokkelroute, 5-days

Smokkelroute, 5-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you wander on the tracks of former smugglers and discover historical and technical sights.

from € 327,--
Eleven-Cities-Tour, 8-days

Eleven-Cities-Tour, 8-day-tour

Genießen Sie die malerische Landschaft und die Nordseeidylle und lassen Sie so richtig die Seele baumeln.

from € 525,--
City, Beach & Tulips Tour, 8-days

City, Beach & Tulips Tour, 8-day-tour

Diese Entdeckungstour führt Sie durch zauberhafte grüne Landschaften und malerische Dörfer mit Windmühlen.

from € 565,--