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French Riviera Rally, 8-days

French Riviera Rally, 8-day-tour

On this bicycle tour, you can enjoy the beautiful French Riviera with Caribbean flair.

from € 649,--
Colmar Rally, 6-days

Colmar Rally, 6-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you are going to learn about culinary enjoyment and local wines in historic places.

from € 489,--
Alsace & Baden Wine Route, 7-days

Alsace & Baden Wine Route, 7-day-tour

You will travel in the heart of the Alsace to Colmar and to the ruins of the Roman baths in Badenweiler.

from € 529,--
Ramble Breisgau & Alsace, 7-days

Ramble Breisgau & Alsace, 7-day-tour

A ramble through the Breisgau and Alsace region will enchant you with medieval villages, vineyards and splendid cycle paths.

from € 549,--
Breisgau & Alsace Wine Route, 8-days

Breisgau & Alsace Wine Route, 8-day-tour

This bicycle tour leads you through many cultural highlights of germany's and france's most beautiful cities and landscapes. 

from € 599  € 73,--
Loire Cycle Path, Tours - Angers, 6-days

Loire Cycle Path, Tours - Angers, 6-day-tour

Follow the Loire on your cycling trip, which will lead you to historical places and it is possible to take part in a wine-tasting in the...

from € 663  € 588,--
Loire and its castles, 6-days

Loire and its castles, 6-day-tour

Es erwartet Sie eine magische Rundreise entlang der Flüsse Loire und Cher.

from € 550  € 499,--