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Inn Cycle Path, Innsbruck - Passau, 8-days

Inn Cycle Path, Innsbruck - Passau, 8-day-tour

The Inn Cycle Path accompanies the „river with its green waters“ from Innsbruck till the outfall in Passau.

from € 549  € 545,--
Innsbruck - Salzburg, 7-days

Innsbruck - Salzburg, 7-day-tour

The lakes and rivers, with a breath-taking mountain backdrop in the background, as well as picturesque places make this cycling trip unique.

from € 505,--
Innsbruck – Munich, 7-days

Innsbruck – Munich, 7-day-tour

Tyrol and Bavaria are known for popular tradition, delicious cuisine and unique landscapes.

from € 565,--
Munich - Salzburg, 7-days

Munich - Salzburg, 7-day-tour

White-blue large city flair in Munich, rural idyll in Bavaria and Austria, the dream-like Walchsee Lake, the wild romantic Saalach valley...

from € 499  € 466,--