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Lake Constance Rally, 7-days

Lake Constance Rally, 7-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you discover the three-country sea, diverse possibilities and sights along the banks of Lake Constance.

from € 449,--
Moselle Rally, 6-days

Moselle Rally, 6-day-tour

Enjoy charming river landscapes, the region's superb wines and also experience a ship ride on this bicycle tour.

from € 495,--
Colmar Rally, 6-days

Colmar Rally, 6-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you are going to learn about culinary enjoyment and local wines in historic places.

from € 489,--
Elbe Rally, 6-days

Elbe Rally, 6-day-tour

The cycling tour leads from Saxon Switzerland from Bad Schandau through a true picture book landscape.

from € 459  € 423,--
Münsterland Rally Gronau-Epe, 8-days

Münsterland Rally Gronau-Epe, 8-day-tour

Combine the comfort of the 4-star hotel in Gronau-Epe with a beautiful cycling tour in probably one of the most well-known and also...

from € 462  € 371,--
Meppen Rally, 7-days

Meppen Rally, 7-day-tour

Get to know the city by the water, Meppen, better. Its lively streets combine historic as well as modern architecture.

from € 450  € 444,--