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Palatinate Rally, 7-days

Palatinate Rally, 7-day-tour

During this cycling trip,you cycle through the second largest German wine growing region.

from € 508,--
Istria Rally, 8-days

Istria Rally, 8-day-tour

Departure point of this cycling tour is Poreč, the most important coastal city on the west coast of the Istria peninsula in Croatia.

from € 531,--
Tuscany Rally, 7-days

Tuscany Rally, 7-day-tour

Experience the cultural and scenic highlights of the southern Toscany and enjoy your break at a fantastic four star resort.

from € 503,--
Friaul rally, 8-days

Friaul Rally, 8-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you discover the Slovenian Brda and the castles of Collio.

from € 569,--
Majorca Rally, 8-days

Majorca Rally, 8-day-tour

You will spend your cycling holiday in a traditional Finca in Campanet and can explore the picturesque surroundings of the island.

from € 660,--
Lake Garda Rally, 7-days

Lake Garda Rally, 7-day-tour

Experience Italy from its most beautiful side and enjoy the clear water of Lake Garda, picturesque villages and delicious cuisine in the...

from € 499,--
Meppen Rally, 7-days

Meppen Rally, 7-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you will get to know the city by water, Meppen, a lot better. In its vivid streets historic as well as modern...

from € 444,--