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Schnappschuss - Das Fotogewinnspiel 2014


Gewinnen Sie mit Austria Radreisen eine Reise im Wert von 400,- Euro.

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Göta Canal

Along the fairest waterway of Sweden…

A wonderfully varied nature and the sheer power of the water in the locks await us on this tour on the eastern part of the Göta Canal. Wooded hills, picturesque farmsteads, as well as glittering lakes, characterize this region. We discover small Swedish towns with their red wooden houses, churches and castles.

Total length: 393 bicycle kilometres


Transylvania – medieval castles – unexplored cultural landscape...


Siebenbürgen, framed like an arch by the Carpathian Mountains, is a landscape out of a fairytale book. Horse carriages loaded with hay, small castles in each town, and ancient villages in which time seems to stand still characterize the landscape. Our diversified tour, which affords us countless marvellous views, takes us through the scenery of the Carpathian Mountains. Apart from numerous church fortresses, we see the medieval Schäßburg Citadel and Hermannstadt with fantastic patrician buildings from the Baroque and Renaissance period. Talks with Saxons who have stayed here in Siebenbürgen open a window for us into a long forgotten time.


Total length: approx. 253 – 278 bicycle kilometres

Emerald Route Slovenia

The most beautiful sights of Slovenia…

This tour is ideal for a first visit to Slovenia. We will get to know a lot of its most famous sights in one week. From the capital of Ljubljana we cycle to the Adriatic Sea. Let’s experience the bustling baroque city of Ljubljana, the historic town of Trieste and tranquil villages nestled between vineyards and enjoy the culinary delicacies such as goat and sheep cheese, full-bodied vines and the air-dried ham Pršut.

Total length: approx. 209 – 284 bicycle kilometres

Displaying results 78 to 80 out of 80

Individual tours with luggage transport

These tours are ideal for all of our guests who prefer to cycle by themselves, while wishing to enlist the services of a professional travel business.

This way you are able to experience your cycle holiday by yourself, in pairs of two, or in the company of family or good friends: Relishing the natural and cultural sights to your heart’s desire, you decide where and when you would like to rest without any time restrictions, provided you arrive at the accommodation we have booked for you in the evening.

You’ll be handed extensive route descriptions with detailed maps before your trip. While you cycle light-heartedly and savour the impressions of passing sceneries, we transport your luggage from one hotel to the next. This type of travelling enables you to plan your day individually without having to forgo the comfort provided by our travel business.